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About Us

West Coast Valet is owned and operated by Andy Levine. Before Andy launched West Coast Valet in 1998, he gained invaluable experience and knowledge managing all facets of valet operations in San Diego for a national valet parking company from 1995 to 1998. West Coast Valet sets itself apart from other valet operations by its five business philosophies.

Our Business Philosophies

  1. To be honest, ethical, and perform valet related services with class and integrity.
  2. To treat people with respect and common courtesy: employees, customer’s business, and guests.
  3. To be accountable and thorough: taking responsibility for our actions and fulfil our promises.
  4. To be the master to whom we serve: treating our customers with an attitude that exemplifies excellence is our mission.
  5. To be friendly, and create a fun working environment without interfering with our service and professionalism.

West Coast Valet provides fully insured, professional, courteous, and uniformed valet attendants. Proof of insurance, references will be provided upon request.